The Black Conveyancers Association (BCA) was formed in May 2005 in response to the historical inequalities in the conveyancing industry. As the only identifiable, credible black conveyancing organisation, this organisation is instrumental in advancing and representing the interests of black conveyancers nationally.


  • To advance and represent the interests of BLACK CONVEYANCERS practising for their own accounts, as well as conveyancers employed by wholly owned bona fide black legal practices.
  • To advance, promote and represent the interests of all black conveyancers, private companies, developers, private individuals and the general public and to do such other things as are incidental and conductive to the attainment of the afore-going objectives.
  • To ensure compliance by all institutions with Black Economic Empowerment legislation, regulations, charters and codes; and
  • To advance the reservation of conveyancing work in all spheres of practice government, local councils, financial institutions, corporates, private companies and  developers for specific firms accredited by the Black Conveyancers Association.

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